CKI Campus Recruitment 50 pk Image
CKI Campus Recruitment 50 pk
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CKI Campus Recruitment 50 pk

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This brochure is designed for CKI clubs conducting campus recruitment through organizational fairs or informational meetings. It’s great for students who want to know more about Circle K, how it works and how it impacts them. Most importantly, it explains why choosing CKI as part of a person’s college education can be a meaningful thing. This brochure is created for clubs to customize the back panel using a standard shipping label (see photo). Shipped in packages of 50 brochures. All literature items will be shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS) or least expensive shipping method. To order larger quantities, please contact Member Services at 800-549-2647, ext 411 (US & Canada), 317-875-8755 (all other areas), or
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