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CKI Info Booklet & How-To Cover Sheet
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CKI Info Booklet & How-To Cover Sheet

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This sales tool should be used for one-on-one meetings to encourage and inform Kiwanis members or other adults to charter a Circle K club. With the Informational Booklet, you can provide details about why an organization should start a Circle K club, how Circle K benefits the community and Kiwanis club, and steps for getting started. The how-to guide gives you tips for using the booklet to introduce people to Circle K. Order limit: 3 booklets/guides. All literature items will be shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS) or least expensive shipping method. To order additional quantities, please contact Member Services at 800-549-2647, ext 411 (US & Canada), 317-875-8755 (all other areas) or
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